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paul de lacy homepage - supervision i am currently supervising shu hao shih s doctoral research on the phonology and acoustics of sonority driven stress eileen blum s work on the, english phonology by heinz j giegerich cambridge core - cambridge core phonetics and phonology english phonology by heinz j giegerich, latin about world languages - latin lingua latina is a member of the italic branch of the indo european language family italic speakers were not native to italy they migrated to the, english studies 4 year curriculum undergraduate - first year prerequisite students intending to major or minor in english studies must pass at least one introductory engl course from list a historical, the greek alphabet harry foundalis - the alphabet is among the few linguistic elements that have remained essentially unchanged between the ancient and modern greek languages before listing, dakota lakota language and the sioux indian tribes - dakota lakota sioux language information and the culture history and genealogy of the dakota and lakota indians